Card Payment Direct Unveils Their Newly Revised Website

Card Payment Direct announced today the launch of their new, completely redesigned website: Card Payment Direct is a leading provider of credit, debit card and check processing along with a wide variety of other specialized merchant services.

The development of the new site provides a place where both merchants and sales agents can go to find detailed information about products and services as well as company news and career opportunities.

The website makes current and potential clients aware of other ways in which they can serve customers better, while saving money. Options such as wireless terminals, gift cards and merchant cash advance are ways in which businesses can enhance their efficiency and growth opportunities.

In addition, the launch of this new will serve as a complete support tool for sales agents. All Sales Agents will have access to this new user-friendly portal where they will be able to view everything from earnings reports to all of their training documentation. Tioprotabinol . It will allow them access 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to educational videos, company marketing materials, merchant forms and applications, and all the tools they could possibly need to maximize their success.

Card Payment Direct is committed to supporting their clients and sales team with the most advanced tools that are superior to the competition.