Card Payment Direct Offers Wireless Phone Processing to Merchants with the use of ROAMpay

Card Payment Direct has introduced ROAM Data’s ROAMpay to Sales Agents and Merchants as a new mobile payment solution. ROAMpay makes it possible to convert a mobile device into a secure POS terminal. This allows businesses to quickly and securely process electronic transactions right from their mobile device.

This opens the doors for all types of merchants to accept payment by credit card, which in turn will drive customer satisfaction and generate new business.

A card encryption sleeve is attached to swipe the customer’s card and the transaction is complete. The ROAMpay Swipe utilizes end-to-end encryption so customer information secure.

We are very excited to offer ROAM Data’s ROAMpay as it reflects the direction in which many businesses are heading. This innovative system will entice many of our existing merchants to take their business on the road and it will draw in new customers that thought did not have the ability to accept credit and debit cards as a form of payment.